Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Residential Fence

Residential Fence

Now, Make your vision a reality!

Firstly, what is your residential fence height?
Next, Choose your fence design: panels: 5.5 inch or 1 inch. Spacers: 1/4 inch, ½ inch, 1 inch or 4 inch (for full privacy fence you don’t need spacers)
Lastly, decide what is your residential gates size: 3ft or 4ft. 14ft or 16ft for residential driveway gates (obviously, any custom fence size can be order).

Fence panels comes at 6′ for the most part. Surely, we can deliver any size of profile, as well as, special size gate.

Classic Full Privacy (New York Style)

Mainly used on back and side yards between neighbors. In addition, gives absolutely full privacy and also looks elegant, classy and identical from both side.

  • Can be build 1′-6′ high fence
  • 6′ between posts

Los Angeles Style (5.5″ horizontal slats with 1/2″ spacers)

Many people like their front residential fence to look thru. If you like privacy but still want to be able to look to the street this fence is definitely your best choice.

  • Can be build 1′-6′ high fence
  • 6′ between posts
Equal Spacers mixed slats Residential Fence

1/2″ Equal Spacers mixed slats (Dallas, Las Vegas or Miami Style)

Above all, when we think of residential fence, firstly comes in mid is the design. B303, 1/2″ equal spacers with mixed slats, you can’t go wrong. Super elegant, very privet and certainly classy.

  • Can be build 2′-6′ high fence
  • 6′ between posts
Ranch Style (Kalispell Style)

Ranch Style (Kalispell Style)

Great for use in a ranch. In addition, this design is perfect for animals. It wont rust or peel and most importantly, it won’t hurt your horse.

  • Can be build 3′-6′ high fence
  • 6′-9′ between posts