Frequently Asked Questions


An automated gate opener is an electrical device that, when activated, can open and close your driveway gate. Gate openers can be activated in a number of ways, including: codes, proximity cards, intercoms, timers, phone apps, bar-code scanners, push-buttons, motion detection, and more.

The main reasons why homeowners have automated gates is for:

  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Safety and comfort
  • Resale value

Safety and peace of mind are one of the prime reasons as to why homeowners have automated gates in their homes. It enables homeowners to provide a secure perimeter and control who has access to the entrance of their property from the safety of the home, home office, or even any part of the world!

We go to evaluate the driveway space of your home or business to then provide you with suggestions and gate possibilities. The type of gate available for you depends on your driveway’s attributes, such as

  • Driveway size
  • Sloped/inclined driveways
  • Style of your home or business

No. If you have an inclined driveway, you have to analyze which different opening options will work for you. For example, you can install a swing gate that swings open away from the property, although you’ll have to make sure it doesn’t interfere with the public highway.

The solution that most people with inclined highways adopt is installing sliding gates. You’ll have to take note of how much space you have available on the sides of the entrance.

Generally no, you do not have to be home when we home. Our technicians are able to troubleshoot most problems at the gate location without needing access to the inside of your home. Of course, there are times when we will require someone to be home – for example, if you have an issue with your telephone entry system or an issue is traced to a circuit breaker located inside the home.

All installations will provide homeowners with manual release keys and instructions on how to release the automation system in the event of a power failure. Some electric gate systems also come with the option of a battery backup. However, all systems come with a manual release facility that can be used in the event of a power failure.

Almost every electric gate has an intercom system, either audio or audio & video, which enables people at the gate to contact the homeowner. The intercom will either be hardwired between the gate and the house or will be wireless.

Just how cars and every electro-mechanical device need servicing every once in a while. An electrical system, which is regularly subjected to elements and other external factories, usually needs servicing every 12 months. Systems that are continuously serviced will continue to operate for many years.

Yes! With a portfolio of our completed projects, we can help you find a design that suits your taste. If you want to add a personal touch, we can help you customize your own design

If you’re having issues with your automated gate, then give us a call SAN DIEGO, CA: +1 (858) 365-9480 LOS ANGELES, CA: +1 (323) 244-2473 , and we’ll be there as soon as possible to help resolve your gate issues.