Common Signs Your Gate Might Need Repairing

Automatic gates add a layer of security to your property and help keep you and your family safe. They also add curb appeal and are a convenient way for you to regulate who comes in and out of your property. They provide ample safety and security when maintained and kept in good shape. If they are damaged, your automatic gate can be dangerous or ineffective. No matter how minor the issue is, it is in your best interest to call a gate expert, so they can inspect the problem and fix it. To ensure that your residential gate is in perfect working order, here is a list of common signs that your gate might need repairing.

Unusual Noises When Your Gate is Opened or Closed

Unusual noises can be caused by anything from a lack of proper lubrication to a dirty motor. If you hear grinding noises, this could indicate that some mechanical components in your gate are worn out. A beeping sound could mean that there is a problem with the battery. Any strange noise coming from your gate implies that something needs to be repaired.

Gate Does Not Open or Close Completely

A simple explanation for your gate not fully functioning is that something is blocking the path, or someone accidentally activated the “Hold Open” command. The more severe cause is an electrical issue that needs to be looked at by a professional.

Gate is Misaligned or Sagging

When the two sides of your double gate are not aligned, this typically means that the gate’s hinges are worn down. Sagging can be caused by worn hinges, sinking posts, or other structural issues. Repairing the hinges or structural problems should be done quickly and before the gate does not latch properly and its security is reduced.

Gate Will Not Close or Open

Your gate could be unresponsive for one of two reasons. First, there could be an opener issue that needs to be resolved, such as a low battery or pairing malfunction. The other problem could be a mechanical obstruction like debris or branches blocking the mechanism or sensor. Some further investigating must occur to find the actual cause.

Gate will Latch but Not Lock

Most automatic gates have a magnetic lock, and if it isn’t catching, it most likely needs to be replaced. The causes of this could be poor installation, worn-out hinges, or a power supply issue. The gate needs to be looked at by a professional to find the correct cause and then a solution.

Gate Will Not Stay Closed

If your gate tends to swing open on its own, this is a clear sign that it needs to be checked. This issue could be caused by lock failure, worn-out hinges, or a faulty rail.

Gate Opens and Closes on its Own

Opening and closing without prompting is a common problem caused by a motherboard failure. It could also be the result of a sensor being blocked by leaves, dirt, branches, or it could be something mechanical within your gate. This issue is hard to diagnose on your own, so call a professional to come and take a look.

Response Delay or Failure

The cold weather can cause gates with issues to operate slower than usual. If your gate isn’t responding as quickly as it usually does, another reason could be that the components have worn down and either need to be repaired or replaced. If the problem happens consistently, it’s best to reach out to an expert.

Failing Sensors

Automatic gates are heavy and move quickly, so if you notice that your gate isn’t stopping when it should be, there might be an issue with the sensor. A broken sensor is a clear sign that your gate needs a repair because you wouldn’t want it to close on anyone or anything. This can lead to severe injuries if it isn’t repaired as quickly as possible.

Visible damage or wear

All issues should indicate that your gate might need repairing, no matter how big or small. Any visible damage should encourage you to reach out to a professional. When you call a professional, they can at least assess the situation and explain what might be going on. If it ends up being nothing, it’s at least an excellent opportunity to have or set up a routine maintenance check.

Gate Repair Experts Near You!

If you notice your gate has any of the issues above, reach out to Access Gates and Doors. Our technicians will check out the current problem and perform preventative maintenance to increase your gate’s life expectancy. We aim to prevent the next repair before it happens. Get a free quote here, or call (323) 244-2473.