How to Avoid Injury with Your Automatic Gate

Automatic gates are practical, convenient, and effectively protect your property. They require little maintenance but can still pose a risk for injury. When installing and using your gate, you can avoid injuries by taking certain precautions. In this article, you will find the best ways to avoid being injured by your automatic gate.

Use Professionals for Installation

Automatic gate installation may seem easy, but it can have some risks. One tiny mistake during installation can lead to a big disaster later. Using a professional for installation is the best choice because automatic gates have a detailed installation process. Calling a professional gate company like Access Gates and Doors to install your gate prevents you from suffering an injury during installation. Gate experts ensure that your gate is installed correctly and limit any dangers for you and your family.

Appropriate Distance Between the Gate and Gate Controls

An adequate distance between the gate and gate controls is something to keep in mind during installation. The recommended distance between the two is 6-10 feet to ensure that you do not come into contact with the gate while operating the controls. If the controls are too close, you risk physical injury while opening the gate.

Have Necessary Warning Signs Installed

Newer automatic gates have sensors that can tell when a person is standing in its path to prevent the gate from hitting or closing on them. If you have an older model, though, it might not have the sensors to detect people, so it is crucial to stand further back and not touch the gate while opening or closing. Signs help inform your guests to stand back and wait until your gate is fully open before stepping through.

Educate Children that the Gate is Not a Toy

Children love to play with things that they can control using buttons and remotes. Automatic gates usually open and close with a remote, so it is important that you let your children know the gate isn’t a toy. The gate can be dangerous, so it is recommended that you instruct them on using it correctly and not playing with it to avoid getting hurt.

Routine Maintenance

Automatic gates consist of several mechanical components that require proper maintenance from time to time. Regular inspections ensure that parts of the gate are not worn out, the barriers are functioning, and all the fixings are adequately secured. Routine maintenance is a way to check that the gate operates without issues and is always safe to use.

Adjust the Safety Settings to the Gate’s Surroundings

When your automatic gate is first installed, the installers will set the safety features according to the surroundings around the entrance. The safety features will reflect any fencing, buildings, vegetation, and other security aspects around the new gate. When the surroundings change, it could mean that the automatic gate is no longer safe. You will need to adjust the safety settings to reflect the new surroundings whenever a change occurs.

Automatic gates are helpful for homeowners looking for an easy-to-use extra layer of protection for the home. The tips mentioned above ensure that every person who passes through the gate does so safely. Access Gates and Doors is the top-notch trusted local choice for automatic gate installation. Check out our website for products and a free quote, or call us at (323) 244-2473.