Automatic gates offer homes and businesses excellent convenience and security. However, to make the most out of your automatic gates, an intercom system is the ultimate vital piece that will allow for the best experience in regards to automatic gates. This blog will go over the benefits of having an intercom system on your automatic gates and why it’s the ultimate piece needed for functionality and security.

What is a Gate Intercom System?

First of all, what is a gate intercom system? Basically, it’s a property access solution that enables tenants to speak with visitors and open the gate for them remotely. They usually have a live voice or video of the visitor, enabling you to see and speak with the person and let them in with the controls inside the house. Gate intercom systems are great for:

  • Fenced homes
  • Commercial properties
  • Gated communities
  • Industrial properties
  • Parking lots and parking structures

They’re excellent additions to almost any type of automated gate system. So, what are the benefits they provide? Below we’ll talk about the perks they provide that make them a must-have feature in all gated homes or commercial properties

You Don’t Have to Be There to Open the Gates

It’s super convenient to be able to answer your automatic gate calls while you’re at work, on vacation, or simply at the supermarket. Even if you’re at home yourself, it’s nice to check who’s there without having to come out. You can simply look through the camera or ask them why they’re here. This is great for security reasons as you can see who’s trying to attempt to enter your property without having to physically open up your doors to do so.

With intercom systems, you don’t have to worry about being home whenever a package arrives. Your intercom system can notify you via your mobile device that someone’s there. You can open up the gates remotely and get your package without having to be there to let them in.

You Can Have Mobile Access to the System

As previously mentioned, you don’t have to be there to see who arrives at your home. The way the modern world is now, our mobile phones can connect us to just about anything. This includes the intercom system on your automatic gates. There are apps that allow you to change the setting so that whenever someone calls your intercom, it will be transferred straight to your mobile phone. From there, you can choose to accept or decline the call. You can have peace of mind whenever you’re away from your home since you still have control of the intercom system and the gate via your mobile devices.

What Are the Benefits of Having an Intercom System?

Put in simple terms, intercom systems provide households and commercial properties with the following advantages:

  • Enhanced security
  • More security
  • Grater safety
  • Increased value

The demand for intercom systems is on the rise! This is because such systems have a lot of benefits that range from improved security to increased property value. They can also be used in various types of properties and are available in different designs for varying tastes and preferences. We hope this blog helped you see the benefits of having an intercom system on your automated gates.