Have you been keeping up with your security gate? It’s okay. We get it. Life happens, and sometimes, checking your security gate is the last thing on your mind. In our latest blog post, we share 4 things to look out for when inspecting your security gate. Read along to make your security gate inspections swifter, so you can check it off your list or even get to the problem quickly if you’re experiencing any issues.

1. Security Gate Tracking System

The tracking system is the first thing you want to inspect when inspecting your security gate. Is the gate and its tracking system aligned accordingly? Is the gate veering off to one side? Is it coming off entirely? Is it adequately lubricated? Or do you sense any friction? It’s crucial to ensure that your gate is aligned with its tracking system and is sufficiently lubricated. If not, you will have an unstable and hazardous gate on your hands. And you’ll be putting yourself at risk of premature wear or expensive repairs that could easily be prevented.

2. Security Gate Remote

Are you having trouble with an unresponsive gate? Do you find yourself pressing that open/close button multiple times to get it to do what you want it to do? As silly as it sounds, issues with an unresponsive gate or a lagging gate are often caused by a dying battery or a dead battery. The remote is the easiest thing to inspect to ensure your gate’s functionality and prevent future issues

3. Security Gate Sensors 

So, you’ve checked the remote and put in new batteries. The next thing you should inspect is your security gate sensor. Check for debris, buildup, or pests. These obstructions can keep your sensors and your remote from making necessary connections to operate as they should. Prevent any future mishaps by making sure your sensors are always cleared.

4. Visible Damage to your Security Gate 

It’s important to check for visible damage on your security gate system. Your security gate is constantly exposed to the elements, which will ultimately cause wear and tear over time. Check to see if there is any rusting, chipping, fading, exposed or damaged wires or anything that looks out of sorts. Regular inspections can help maximize the longevity of your security gate and prevent severe complications in the future.

Issues During Your Inspection

We hope everything looks good as you inspect your security gate system. We know that having to add “call repair technician” to your already long list of things to do is the last thing you want to have to add on. But if you ever find yourself running into any problems with your security gate system, have peace of mind knowing that Access Gates and Doors is here to make the process as convenient and smooth as possible. For more information, visit our website by clicking here.