A metal gate is a great addition to any California home. It adds elegance, curb appeal, and provides peace of mind with its enhanced security offerings. While metal gates are mainly known for their famous ornamental designs, you can customize your gate to align with your home’s specific aesthetic. In today’s blog, we will be covering 6 popular metal gate styles you should know about.

Traditional Style Metal Gates

Traditional-style gates are an all-time classic that will never go out of style. Traditional gates usually have a post and two crossbars with a half-circle shape on the top. This simple yet stylish design is perfect for homeowners that are looking for an elegant-looking entrance without having to break the bank.

Victorian Style Metal Gates

Victorian-style gates were really popular in the 1800s. These gates are designed with Victorian-style ornamentation, which typically includes the use of:

  • Carvings
  • Vines
  • Spikes
  • Curves

This gate style is usually adorned with a wrought iron crest. Out of all the gate styles out there, the Victorian style is the most ornamental of all. This gate style is perfect for homes that aim to achieve an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic.

Mission Style Metal Gates

Mission-style gates are designed with clean, simple, straight lines. This gate style often has thick posts, making this design a great choice for homeowners looking for privacy. Mission-style gates offer a perfect balance of beauty and privacy, making them a really popular choice among homeowners.

Colonial Style Gates

Another popular metal gate style you should know about includes colonial-style gates. This elegant style features a symmetrical shape with a larger center panel. This metal gate style is ideal for homeowners that are looking for a traditional yet unique look.

Asian Style Gates

Asian-inspired gates are another popular design that homeowners are going with. Often with intricate carvings and designs, this gate style is perfect for homeowners that want to create a lasting impression on their visitors. They usually feature a Torri element and offer a modern yet natural aesthetic.

Contemporary Style Gates

If you’re all about giving your home a fresh, modern look, contemporary-style gates are the best choice for you. This gate style usually features geometric shapes and straight lines. Homeowners that are looking for tasteful simplicity always go with contemporary-style metal gates!

When it comes to metal gate design, the possibilities are endless. From ornamental Victorian-styled gates to fresh and simple contemporary-styled gates, you can get creative and customize your gate to match your taste and preferences. If you’re looking for a reliable team to design and install a beautiful metal gate, Access Gates and Doors is the ideal team for the job! Give us a call at (323) 244-2473 or click here for a free quote!