The Advantages of an Intercom System For Apartment or Multi-Tenant Buildings

One of the best aspects of apartment living is the sense of community and openness it provides. But then again, the sense of openness may be something negative for some people. It’s normal for residents to be concerned about the security and safety of their apartment, multi-tenant building, or townhouse. But given that apartment owners are usually limited in the types of improvements they are allowed to make, it is the responsibility of the body corporate to take charge of these types of processes. So what can be done to enhance the security and sense of safety? In this blog, we’ll be discussing the advantages of an intercom system for apartment and multi-tenant buildings.

Resident Security & Awareness

The largest benefit of installing an apartment intercom system is making your residents feel safer and more secure. This is a vital but often underrepresented aspect of multi-tenant living. After all, it’s hard to tell who’s really knocking at your door. Apartment owners have significantly fewer options at their disposal to increase security (compared to a homeowner who can install a custom home security system or install cameras around their perimeter).

But don’t apartment/multi-tenant residents deserve to feel just as secure in their own homes?

It’s possible with an intercom entry system! It gives residents an easy way to verify guests before they enter. Besides being convenient, it’s an effective way to deter crime on your property. Crimes sometimes are inevitable, but state-of-the-art intercom systems are less likely targets!

Reduced Theft & Vandalism

Intercom systems are beneficial for both the residents and the body corporate. With the right apartment door entry intercom system, you’ll reduce the chances of theft or vandalism on your property, as well as give residents the tools they need to screen visitors. These are vital aspects of creating a community where residents feel safe and secure in their own homes.

Improve Quality of Life for Residents

While enhanced resident safety may be the biggest benefit of intercom systems for apartments and multi-tenant buildings, it’s not the only advantage it has. It also makes the resident’s life more convenient. Being able to see who’s there without having to physically get up is an attractive feature for many people. In fact, apartment buildings and multi-tenant buildings with intercom systems are a fetching feature people look for when looking for a home! It’s a win-win! You get more tenants, and residents get to enjoy a safer, more convenient home!

Keep Your Property on Cutting Edge

Apartment and multi-tenant intercom systems are largely a security update, but their benefits extend beyond the [peace of mind they provide. Investments in features like these help you portray your establishment as a trustworthy, forward-thinking brand that cares about its residents. The majority of apartments and multi-tenant buildings don’t have high-standard features like intercom systems, which is why it is impactful that you do.

Intercom systems are a simple yet powerful tool to boost the security of your apartment or multi-tenant building. But like any other security feature your property might implement, it’ll need to be installed by a reputable integrator who can set up the system to fit with your building’s exact needs. We hope this blog helped you see the advantages of an intercom system for apartment and multi-tenant buildings. At Access Gates & Doors, we have been providing integrated security solutions for residential and commercial properties for years! If you’re ready to install an intercom system for your apartments/multi-tenant buildings, give us a call at (323) 244-2473 or click here for a free quote!