Wrought iron is one of the most elegant fencing options for your home. Fences made of wrought iron are durable, come in various designs, and give you the security and protection of solid metal. You can choose custom ornamental iron beautifully crafted to match your home’s unique aesthetic. Learn more about how you can keep your home stylish and secure with iron fencing, and discover the many options for custom designs that suit your needs.

Security and Safety 

Secure fencing is a priority when it comes to your family’s safety. Wrought iron fencing is one of the best options for security, which is why it’s commonly used for upscale properties and government buildings. An iron fence is a line of defense that protects your property by stopping anything from getting too close. Wrought iron fences are difficult to scale or squeeze through and nearly impossible to break, so you have protection from intruders. They also keep your children and pets inside your yard. Wrought iron is impact resistant, too, so it’s difficult to bend, dent, or break even with a strong blow. These fences protect you from burglars or other intruders and help during severe storms that may cause heavy objects to hit your fence.

Style and Elegance 

On its own, wrought iron has a classic appeal that adds aesthetic value to any property. You can customize wrought iron to suit the design of your home and give it a look that perfectly complements your property’s existing style. Wrought iron is malleable so that it can be easily shaped into elaborate, detailed designs unlike anything else. Wrought iron fabrication incorporates elaborate twists and curves into designs that create distinctive looks. Choose a fabricator to work with that shares your vision and is open to making the custom piece you are looking to complement your property.

A Custom Wrought Iron Fence with Access Gates & Doors

If you’re considering a custom wrought iron fence for your property in Southern California, Access Gates & Doors is here to help. Metal gate design options are endless, so you can get creative with a customized gate that matches your taste and style. Access Gates & Doors is the team for all your metal gate needs. Call us at (323) 244-2473 or click here for a free quote!